The Project

From 2004 to 2012, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation helped our our charity raise funds to plant trees, shrubs and wildflowers at this historic site.  Each year we built upon the work done during the previous year.  Students at the high school and university level helped to contribute to restoring the natural area, learning about the needs and challenges for native plants and animals in an urban setting.  Support from the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation allowed our volunteer stewardship team to purchase equipment and supplies to do the field work, to create brochures and educational materials for our many visitors.  People love to experience nature in the city and the funding and support of the Toronto Park and Trees Foundation has meant that many different species of wildlife are thriving at the site, including fish, dragonflies, herons, many species of birds, frogs and many mammals.  Regular funding from the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, community involvement and committed stewardship over many years was the recipe for success for natural area regeneration at Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve.

– Paula Davies, Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve