Matt Forsythe,

Every Tree Counts

Street Tree Trust

Street trees are the hardest working trees in our city and they are also the most at risk. The establishment of the Toronto Street Tree Trust will ensure that when a project is deemed to have conditions that make proper tree infrastructure possible, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation will have funds available to make it happen.

Why does Toronto Need a Street Tree Trust?

Most trees along major throughways are still planted into traditional planters — essentially holes in the ground surrounded by concrete — and have an average lifespan of five to 10 years. Trees planted into a newer system of large trenches, with soil connecting the tree roots underground, can last up to 35 years. Trees planted in parks are believed to last up to 70 years.
Toronto has developed world-class street tree planting best practices that have created an environment where enhanced investment now will result in successful street tree establishment for the future. While practices have been developed and several successful pilot projects have been carried out in the city, significant investment is required to ensure proper street tree infrastructure is rolled out city-wide.