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Every Tree Counts

Every Tree Counts Community Grants

Every Tree Counts is a collective movement in Toronto to grow our city's tree cover to 40%. The City of Toronto plants over 100, 000 trees annually on public land, however, the greatest potential for additional tree planting in Toronto exists on private land. All of us, as communities, business, and institutions, have a big role to play in growing and caring for our city's trees. 

Whether planting a tree at home, school or work, donating to the cause, or simply taking care of the trees we have - we are greening Toronto together.


The Every Tree Counts Community Grants

At Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, we believe everyone should have access to trees and the many benefits they provide. We're here to help make it happen with our Every Tree Counts Community Grants Program. Each year, through key intiatives, the Foundation provides grants to stimulate community engagement in tree planting and stewardship efforts. 

With support from the City of Toronto, the foundation provides up to $350,000 in Every Tree Counts Community Grants to diverse non-profit community organizations and groups to facilitate greater participation in urban tree planting and tree care. The result is more trees in our yards, more trees in our communities, and more trees in our city.

These Community Grants encourage innovative partnerships and cross-sector collaboration and ensure stronger tracking and reporting mechanisms to help us measure our collective success. With grants starting at $10,000, Toronto communities can become active partners in growing our city's tree canopy. Planting trees together creates opportunities to build civic engagement and foster a sense of neighbourhood pride. Community-led projects support capacity building and provide local environmental and health benefits while strengthening community connections to nature. 

Program Goal and Objectives

Every Tree Counts Community Grants are for community-led tree planting, tree care, and tree stewardship initiatives on private land. These efforts support the Every Tree Counts movement to reach our target of 40% tree cover in Toronto.

The key objectives of the program are:
  • to increase native tree and shrub planting on privately-owned land in Toronto
  • to support tree care activities
  • to support and encourage inclusive community engagement
  • to support community capacity, knowledge sharing, and partnership networks
  • to facilitate community-powered, locally-driven tree stewardship efforts

Who Can Apply?

We welcome applications from non-profit organizations and groups interested in leading native tree planting and tree care projects on private land* while expanding their partnerships, reach, and inclusiveness. Please note that one of the applicants or partners must be a registered charity or a qualified donee. Grant funds cannot be used towards any tree planting requirement or obligation under any of the City's tree by-laws, as a condition for planning and development approval, or any other laws or regulation. 

*For the purposes of the Every Tree Counts Community Grants, private land is defined as lands not owned or managed by the City of Toronto for public use. Private lands are owned for residential, industrial, commercial or institutional use.


Why do we need a registered charity as a trustee?

The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation is a Public Foundation. As a result, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires that the Foundation make grants or distributions only to registered charities or qualified donees. 


Application Details

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation in advance to discuss their proposal. Every Tree Counts Community Grants start at $10,000 and operate on a 50% matching basis to enhance opportunities for collaboration and maximize the impact of the projects.

Applying for grants is a two-step process:

Step One: Letter of Interest

Interested organizations must first submit a Letter of Interest to the Foundation to demonstrate their interest and outline their ideas for a tree planting or stewardship project that supports the Key Objectives of the grant program.

The Letter of Interest should also outline potential partnerships, the project timeframe, and an estimated total budget (including the amount being requested and matching funding sources equal to the amount requested).

An independent Grant Review Committee will review Letters of Interest and determine which project will be invited to proceed to the second round.


Step Two: Full Application

Applicants that are successful in the first round will be invited to submit a detailed online application. This invitation is not a guarantee of funding. The Full Application expands on the Letter of Interest and gives a more detailed account of how the project will be carried out, who will be involved, and what the long term tree care strategy will look like.

2018 Important Dates

Application Steps Deadlines
Letter of Interest Deadline April 13, 2018
Invitation to Submit Full Application May 7, 2018
Full Application Deadline June 8, 2018

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Carla Grant, Executive Director, or Saira Ansari, Diversity and Capacity Specialist in advance to discuss their project ideas: or


To learn more about the Every Tree Counts movement, visit our partner website at or see the City of Toronto's Every Tree Counts: A Portrait of Toronto's Urban Forest Report.