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Tree for Me

June 02, 2016

People from across Toronto working together to plant native trees

The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation launched Tree for Me to match people with local trees
TORONTO, ON, May 30, 2016 – Over the past weekend, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation matched people with trees to plant in Toronto. The Tree for Me project involved participants from all over the city who registered for trees which will help Toronto reach its goal of 40 percent tree cover. Tree for Me supports the Foundation’s Every Tree Counts Campaign, aimed at bringing awareness to the important role that trees have in making our city more liveable. 
“Tree for Me is matching people with native trees that have been grown from local seed,” said Carla Grant, Executive Director, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, adding, “we feel that these trees are best suited to the harsh urban environment and future impacts of climate change.”
Over the two days of the event people arrived from across Toronto to get their trees and learn how to plant and properly care for them. Programs such as this are important because they remove economic barriers to tree planting, opening up opportunities to plant trees in more places. A greener Toronto means a healthier city for all of us - more shade, cleaner air, temperature regulation and habitat for wildlife. The investments made today will not only benefit us, but future generations.
“We were so pleased to see that people signed up for trees and arrived willing to participate,” added Grant. “People showed us a real commitment to proper tree planting and tree care, making us confident that these trees have a great chance of survival.”
If you would like to support our efforts, you can plant a tree or if you cannot plant a tree, make a charitable donation to Every Tree Counts at which will directly support the planting of trees in neighbourhoods across our city.

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