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‘Tree For Me’ Offers Free Trees to Toronto Residents throughout October

October 12, 2016

Toronto, ON - There’s still time for Toronto residents to get a free tree this fall through ‘Tree For Me’ - a program of the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation (TPTF) that carefully matches residents with a native tree from local seed stock, and educates them on how to plant and care for it.


Tree for Me is geared toward Toronto homeowners or anyone who has permission to plant a tree on private land. The benefits for participants are not only helping to green their community, but recent studies show more tree canopy contributes to increased property values, and health benefits for individuals comparable to a $10,000 salary raise.  


Tree For Me supports the City of Toronto’s goal of 40% tree canopy, which replaces Toronto’s aging canopy as well as maintains and grows it through the support of community initiatives and private citizens.


Residents can pick up a tree, and learn how to plant and care for it, at one of the remaining Fall 2016 Tree for Me events in Parkdale, Riverdale or The Junction, by simply registering on Each tree comes in a one gallon bucket, weighs less than five pounds and are 2-5 feet tall - small enough to fit in a car, a wagon or on the TTC. Everyone is encouraged to map their trees at to see their impact and get ongoing tips on tree care.


If you miss this fall’s events, or would like to plant more trees in 2017, TPTF is issuing a challenge to all Toronto neighbourhoods to plant 150 trees for Canada’s 150th anniversary. Community groups will be invited to apply for funding to host a 150 Tree for Me event in 2017.


About Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation

TPTF has been helping Toronto transform its parks and green spaces since 2002. We work in partnership with the City of Toronto, community groups, neighbourhoods, individuals and the business community to reimagine local parks and improve the health of Toronto’s urban forest by supporting tree planting and stewardship efforts, with a focus on private land. TPTF also works in tandem with the City’s front yard tree program, and the numerous neighbourhood tree advocates across our city.


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