John Davidson



Parks are our public greenspaces and the center of community life in many neighbourhoods across Toronto.

The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation helps neighbourhoods expand beyond the limits of public funding to create green spaces and parks that fulfill the needs of the community.
We coordinate with the City, help support community involvement, convene professional input to support project design and planning, and manage projects to completion.

Toronto’s nearly 1600 public parks provide essential public space for children to explore and play, a venue for sports and cultural activities and quiet places to escape and experience nature in the city.

But aren't parks covered by taxpayer dollars?  They are but that money can only go so far. It doesn’t always allow us to shape our parks to serve the unique needs and desires of our communities. To create the spaces that enhance our lives and inspire us we need to all get involved.

The Toronto Parks & Trees Foundation helps us expand beyond limits of public funding by working to develop private-public partners and with community groups to enhance our parks. And we coordinate with the City to ensure that everyone works together.

In some cases our park enhancements are only limited by imagination, but they can be as simple as:

  • Planting additional trees, shrubs or flower beds
  • Adding benches, walkways, lighting and signs
  • Maintenance & educational programs
  • Community engagement, meetings and workshops.

By serving as the project manager on complex projects, the Toronto Parks & Trees Foundation helps ensure our parks are places for people and community.